Designed for early stage career

The Youth Path is designed for Young Saudi professionals in mind.

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Who is this program for?

Career Stage

Fresh Graduates or early stage professionals with 0-2 years of work experience.

Employment Status

Currently unemployed or employed or actively job seeking or unsure of career growth.

Specialization Tracks


There are a lot of different cyber programs and certificates, but most focus on theory over practical skill sets. These Udacity Nanodegree programs are designed to deliver hands-on skills for real-world expertise. Kickstart your career.

Data & Analytics

Build expertise in data manipulation, visualization, predictive analytics and data science. With the skills you learn in a Udacity Nanodegree program, you can launch or advance a successful data career. Start acquiring valuable skills right away.

Cloud Computing

Today, all companies, big or small, are adopting cloud computing to enable their digital transformation. The growth of this technology has created incredible demand for cloud computing jobs. You can join this growing field.


Get prepared to enter the digital marketplace by learning the in-demand skills to create a successful digital business. You will also learn freelancing basics and essential skills as well as how to build their personal brand to start their successful online business in the global freelancing marketplace.


Introduction to Cybersecurity

Get your start in the high growth field of Cybersecurity by building foundational skills in how to evaluate, maintain, and monitor the security of computer systems.

Security Analyst

Meet the growing demand for cybersecurity professionals by gaining the skills to protect an organizations computer networks and systems.

Security Engineer

Gain the highly sought-after skills to protect an organizations computer networks and systems from security threats or attacks.

Data & Analytics

Programming for Data Science

Prepare for a data science career by learning the fundamental data programming tools: R, SQL, command line, and git.

Data Analyst

Use Python, SQL, and statistics to uncover insights, communicate critical findings, and create data-driven solutions.

Business Analytics

Gain foundational data skills applicable to any industry. Collect and analyze data, model business scenarios, and communicate your findings with SQL, Excel, and Tableau.

Data Visualization

Combine data, visuals, and narrative to tell impactful stories and make data-driven decisions.

Cloud Computing

Introduction to Programming

Intro to Programming is your first step towards careers in Web and App Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, and more! This program is perfect for beginners.

Intermediate Javascript

Master JavaScript, the most popular programming language in the world. Be equipped for advanced roles in web development, server-side application development, and desktop development.

Cloud Developer using Microsoft Azure

Learn to build cloud-based applications on Microsoft Azure, the cloud services platform used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies.

Full Stack Javascript Web Development

Meet the growing demand for full stack developers and learn to build rich web experiences using a modern architecture and technology stack.


Front End Web Developer

Learn how to build high quality websites and dynamic applications to create stunning user experiences for the web.

Digital Marketing

Gain real-world experience to run live campaigns as you learn from top experts in the field. Launch your career with a 360-degree understanding of digital marketing.